Ryno making it outside ‘Empire’


Since leaving the Portmore Empire in February of this year, Blak Ryno has been working steadily on his music career, as he is determined to prove that he is still the dancehall stinger that he proclaimed himself to be.

Many wondered if the young artist was going to make it on his own after the departure from the controversial Vybz Kartel-led Portmore Empire, but with the release of singles such as Mi Lef produced by Supa Blunt and Wine And Dipproduced by Chimney Records, it became apparent that Blak Ryno still had venom in his sting.

Ryno also released Polo Shorts/Style, a song done in response to Kartel and Popcaan’s Clarks. That song was also produced by Supa Blunt.

In the song Ryno says “winter pass wey dem a run guh inna jeans and Clarks watch mi inna mi Nike and mi new polo shorts.”The song has since achieved significant popularity on mix tapes and on some radio stations.

The artist, who now acts as his own booking agent since terminating his contract with Vybz Kartel’s label, says he has a list of shows lined up for the summer, both locally and internationally in places like Trinidad, Atlanta, Georgia and Los Angeles.

established producers

The former Gaza artist says his career is shaping up well, so far, and he is working with several established producers including Seanizzle, Jordan, Cash Flow and Supa Blunt.

Ryno says that he also has a lot of singles coming out for the summer: “I have a song called Gal Carpenter, produced by Cash Flow Records, Sting and Dun, produced by Seanizzle and Come a Mi Yaad, produced by Jordan.

“Right now mi just focus pan mi music and mi artist dem, suh look out fi Supa Blunt, mi engineer and Kaliba, mi artist” he told THE STAR.

Black Ryno severed ties with Vybz Kartel and the Portmore Empire in February 2010, and has since been working on his musical development as well as with other young artists, since the separation.

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