Preacher seeks clash with Kartel?


A local evangelist is demanding a musical clash with Dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel.

Evangelist Taylor, who didn’t want the name of the church he attends published, says he wants Isaiah Laing, the promoter of the annual Sting show, to arrange a clash between himself and Kartel.

“I want Laing to organise that clash, because Mr Vybz Kartel has been leading the generation astray for too long and we have to stop him. He is deceiving them,” said the evangelist.

He accused the deejay of several immoral actions: “He’s high in the demonic world, says he reads The Da Vinci Code book …,” the evangelist claims.

“We need to trample Vybz Kartel, we’re fed up of him now. Other pastors and I sit down and we listen to his songs, he is the one, there is a great force behind him,” he further stated.

gun lyrics

He said in the deejay’s music you can feel the power behind it. “His words are powerful. I want to clash him and after I beat him we will baptise him in the name of The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. We’ll put him in the church and let him teach Sunday school,” he said.

The evangelist said that Kartel is a well-educated young man, who is fooling around and not using his education in the right way. Pointing out how sensible the deejay was, the evangelist referred to his song Thank You Jah in which he quotes a section of the Bible.

He complained, however, that instead of doing more positive things, the deejay is passing on gun lyrics to the children.

“He sings that the barba boy run but the preacher will never run. We don’t want the Portmore Empire, because once I get him, I get the whole Gaza. I will call him up and tell him that he’s destroying the youths, the spirit of the Lord will speak through me. I want him to become a speaker for the Lord as he has the ability to turn Jamaica around. He’s the only one we see with that power,” he added.


“We want him to surrender his life to the Lord. When I win we’re going to bring him to Caymanas Bay and baptise him and put him in the church to preach the gospel. If he repents and turns his life to the Lord he will get back his visa,” said the evangelist.

Taylor said Kartel is the only artiste he is interested in changing. “He is the only one I want. Mavado, Bounty Killer and all those others artistes are nothing compared to him. If we get him we get a whole multitude of young people back into the church. The church will be filled with young people because he’s the leader of the next generation,” he added.

According to the evangelist, “I will clash Kartel for free, no money, just want him to turn over him life and stop leading the youth in the wrong direction.”

Efforts by THE WEEKEND STAR to get a comment from Kartel in reference to the evangelist’s wishes, were unsuccessful up to press time.

*Name changed on request

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