Phoenix Fight Night comes to Bournemouth once again but at a new venue. The beautiful life center in moordown is the newest and one of the most stunning venues in Dorset. The fight card is huge and will be spread over a preliminary card with the main card starting around 630pm. With 2 title fights, several international fights and fighters being flown in from around Europe this event is sure to be one to remember.

VIP tables available
£35 Ringside.
£30 balcony
£25 standing

Please see the fight card below:

►☆◄ U42kg Jr K1 ►☆◄

1. Nathan Nightmare Johnstone v David Edmunds

Phoenix MMA NRG

►☆◄ U72kg Boxing ►☆◄

2. Harry Hill v Danny Gill

Phoenix MMA 1st Generation

►☆◄ U67 Boxing ►☆◄

3. Dave Hewitt v James Mangan

Phoenix MMA independant

►☆◄ U90kg Boxing ►☆◄

4. Mike Keynes v Dean Woodyat

Leo’s Gym 999 Fighters

►☆◄ U82kg K1 ►☆◄

5. Dan Goodall V Lewis Harrison

Phoenix MMA Poole Cage Academy

►☆◄ U68kg Boxing ►☆◄

6. Lee wright v Liam Caira

Phoenix MMA 999 Fighters

►☆◄ U80kg K1 ►☆◄

7. Luke Crossley v Luke Butcher

Phoenix MMA NRG

►☆◄ U77kg MMA ►☆◄

8. Julian Kerr v Russell Phillip

Phoenix MMA Poole Cage Academy

►☆◄ U70kg Boxing ►☆◄

9. Jamie Bourne v Peter Toffiss

Phoenix MMA Team Bulldog

►☆◄ U60kg K1 ►☆◄

10. Matt Harrison v Declan Cull

Phoenix MMA Poole Cage Academy

►☆◄U80kg Boxing ►☆◄

11. Les Simmons v Harrison Weston

999 fighters

►☆◄U63kg K1 ►☆◄

12.Charlotte Lowe v Jo Hodgkinson

Phoenix MMA NRG

►☆◄ U75kg Boxing ►☆◄

13. Chris Burnley v Shane Creech

Phoenix MMA Bee Fit

►☆◄U61kg Boxing ►☆◄

14. Ben Harrison v Corey Howard

Phoenix MMA 999 Fighters

►☆◄ U60kg Boxing ►☆◄

15. Ashley Dobbs v Bex Packam

Bee Fit 1st Generation

►☆◄ U88kg Boxing ►☆◄

16. Darren Peterson v Roger Doorway


►☆◄ U61kg Boxing ►☆◄

17. Lee Finch v Jack Dickerson

1st Generation 999 Fighters

►☆◄U68kg MMA ►☆◄

18 Oli Jones v Ryan Marshall

Phoenix MMA Poole Cage Academy

►☆◄ U58kg Boxing ►☆◄

19. Sarah Lucas V Sophie Cook

Phoenix MMA 1st Generation

►☆◄+100kg Boxing ►☆◄

20. Dan Lockwood v Troy Mathews

R&R Team Ellins

►☆◄ U67kg Boxing ►☆◄

21. Robbie Clay v Mitch Simmonds

Team Bessey 1st Generation

►☆◄ U82kg K1 ►☆◄

22. Adam Leighton v Alex Hinks

sakpraserts Thaiworks

►☆◄ U88kg Boxing ►☆◄

Southern Area Title Fight

23. paul Williams v Tim Bryant

NRG 1st Generation

►☆◄ U98kgK1 ►☆◄

24. Jamie Sloane v Michael Allen

Phoenix MMA Mongoose

►☆◄ U68kg K1 ►☆◄

25. George worthington v TBC


►☆◄ U70kg MMA ►☆◄

26. Xavier Sedras v David Stone

Ghost Fighter Independant

►☆◄ U84kg Boxing ►☆◄

27. Marc Plunkett v Adam Urban

Phoenix MMA Team Bulldog

►☆◄U67kg K1►☆◄

28. Dan Winstanley v Fabio Kathusing

NRG Mikes Gym

►☆◄ U72kg Boxing ►☆◄

Southern Area Title Fight

29. Justin Hicks v James Crow

Phoenix MMA Boxing Bournemouth

►☆◄U68kg Kick Boxing ►☆◄

30. James Cornick v Lennard Blyd

NRG Mikes Gym

►☆◄ U82kg Boxing ►☆◄

31. Sam Morrison v Paul Morby

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