Kartel Freed


Entertainer Adijah Palmer, also known as Vybz Kartel, was freed last night after 14 days at the Portmore Police Station lock-up.

The deejay’s release came one day after his legal team got the minister of national security, Dwight Nelson, to sign his detention release form.

Palmer turned himself over to the police on July 2 after he was identified among other individuals as’persons of interest’ by the police. When THE STAR contacted the deejay before his detention, he had said that he was puzzled that he was listed as a person of interest. He, however, added that “…If the police want to speak to me, I have no problem cooperating.”

not worried

He also said that he was not worried about the questioning that he would have to undergo, but was concerned about the length of time he would have to spend in detention.

Yesterday, Kartel’s release was greeted with much enthusiasm by some of his fans, and parts of St Catherine.

“Yeah, mi dawdie out a road, a dat mi sey. A more lyrics a go come out now, as everyting a lyrics fi di teacha,” Natalie from Waterford said, while on a bus in Spanish Town.

The deejay is set to perform on Thursday night at the annual Reggae Sumfest show at Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, St James. Despite his detention, the organisers of the event had

continued to run advertisements listing him as a performer. He is expected to be one of the star performers for the well-anticipated event. The police, in the meantime,say that they have completed their investigations involving the artist.

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