Whilst many people search all their life to establish who they are or what their worth is in the world, Jah Mirikle is clear about his calling. A native of the tropical island of St. Lucia, West Indies, Jah Mirikle was born to sing. His music is a personification of the cultural and mystical inspirations of his homeland; making his lyrical embodiment more intriguing.

Now based in the UK, Jah Mirikle without a doubt possesses extraordinary talent.

Also a keen producer, Mirikle has made his mark on numerous collaborations with Rappers and MCs on the UK music scene,….earning him the name ‘King Of The HOOKS’, and making him someone that the youth of today recognize and can identify with!!!…Together with some of these MCs, he has gone on to open shows for renowned artists the likes of ‘Ghost Face Killer'(WuTang Clan), ‘JOE’, ‘BennieMan’, ‘Spraga Benz’…to mention a few, toured the country performing with dates in Scotland, wales, Brighton, Reading, Oxford, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Norwich…etc ….and countless charity events, and talent showcases!!!

Though a keen reggae enthusiast, he remains St Lucian to the bone, and that raw captivating energy which is a common factor throughout the islands of the Caribbean (Carnival Vybz), also flows through this artist!

………….“in saying that, I have recently become more in tune, so to speak to my island roots…’SOCA’ roots, and have been paying more attention to Soca music, the events, the Bands, (Steel-Pan), the scene in general and the way people relate to that!”

Having hooked up with Trinidadian songstress ‘’NIKISHA’’ based in the UK…,she mentioned an interest in doing Soca Music, and Mirikle had the connection to a good producer on the scene in St Lucia, who was willing to supply the music.

………….“So with much encouragement from my peers, I have now made a few contributions to the Soca scene thus far including

1. “Roll” by Nikisha ft myself JAH Mirilke,

2. “Ladies Anthem” by Nikisha and JAH Mirikle, and the groovy number,

3. “Show Me Your Motion”, my first solo effort, followed by

4. “Wanderland”, and two more collaborations, one with Bahamian native Clinton “Roachie” Outten, entitled “Up Deh”, and the other with “The Gilloteen Entourage” entitled “Soca Fever”!
(Search these on youtube for a listen)

Since arriving in the UK, he has worked with Reggae icons including Mad Professor, Sirius Records, Blacka Dread, Wesley (2play) Johnson, MOBO Award Winner for the hit single ‘I’m So Confused’ by Rahgev, El-B, Funky House & Dubstep producer with the big tune ‘We Don’t Play’ by JAH Mirikle, and most recently, has worked along side the uk super producer, Mr Curtis Lynch(Necessary Mayhem{Maroon Records}), who is renowned for is production on the Collie Buds hit ‘Come Around’ which took the world by storm.
The first collaboration between the two has resulted in the recent release of the song ‘Mystic Control’ by Mr Lynch on his Maroon Record Label!…..Also another reggae song which features the talents of singer ‘Roachie’ entitled ‘All’s Fair In Love’ on the Shining Light Riddim, has been released by friend and fellow artist Mr Wayne Lyrics for Reggae Wave Label!!….Both these singles are available for purchase online, and @ record shops across the country!!!

Most recently are his contributions to the underground UK Music Scene with collaborations with the likes of
Rodney P, and Logic of The Peoples Army with the street hit
“Live Up”,Rodney P – Live Up feat. The People’s Army & Mighty Moe: youtu.be/KXRjhlmob_U via @youtube

King Yoof (Sons Of Mecca) with the drum n base number
“Warrior Charge”King Yoof ft. Jah Mirikle ‘Warrior Charge’:youtu.be/ETKn4bHUk3M via @youtube

and as a feature on the club banger
“Floor Excitement” produced by the UK and Ghana based duo, THE BUSY TWIST – FLOOREXCITEMENT:youtu.be/8WXnr9X8TRU via @youtube

Also the Hip Hop banger produced by Telemachus featuring Jah Mirikle entitled
“The Light” Telemachus ft. Jah Mirikle – TheLight:youtu.be/MkknS_H1xMc via @youtube

Over the past couple of years, he has re-established some old St Lucian links with long time friend turned accomplished producer ‘Courtney DirtyDutch Louis’, and hooked up with Montserratian ‘Darren SocaChild Skerritt’ (Produced music for Roll, Show me Your Motion, Wanderland, Up Deh & Soca Fever) on the soca side of things! He has gone on to record more material, in colaboration with his St Lucian counterparts, namely LIVITY, Zionomi and CROCADILE on a few Reggae, Dancehall and Soca numbers to date, which include

“Out A De Way” Come Out – Mirikle ft Crocadile &Livity.wmv:youtu.be/JLMFhJ2atOY via @youtube
“Girl”ft Crocodile & Livity Livity ft Crocadile & Jah Mirikle-Girl(PumpLock Studio’s East London): youtu.be/lfSF8DgcbqYvia @youtube,
“Carnival In Season” with Livity Livity & Mirikle -In Season (fullmix) (FUNGUS RIDDIM)_SOCA_2k12_.wmv:youtu.be/56P_nRjHRPI [email protected], and
“For You” on a solo tip 2012 JAH Mirikle Groovie Soca Song ‘For You'(preview): youtu.be/RidSjsvF640 via @youtube, to mention a few.
One to look forward to is his collaboration mixtape featuring songs from the not too far past entitled “Carnival Fever”! The artist continues to make his mark in the industry, on a steady rise to international stardom.

His first taste of the booth came in the form of that modest home-studio which was owned by a close friend, and this initial recording session would set the pace for what would be the beginning of a fruitful career in the Music Industry and Jah Mirikle is ready to undertake all the possibilities of this venture.

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