I-Octane’s management demands apology from Capleton

I-Octane’s management responded to Capleton’s interview on Irie FM last Wednesday, where the deejay, dubbed ‘the Fireman’, accused I-Octane of being unfair.

According to Capleton, he performed at I-Octane’s stage show for free and now I-Octane was asking for $400,000 to appear on the annual St Mary Mi Come From charity show.

The management for I-Octane have, however, disagreed with Capleton’s account and contacted THE STAR to clear the air. According to Ray Alexander, I-Octane’s manager, Capleton is not telling both sides of the story.

The seemingly upset manager said that I-Octane had another show in Montego Bay that was paying a substantial amount of money, and that information was communicated to Capleton’s team.

He further stated that if Capleton and his team had been more professional they would have gone through negotiations like a regular promoter until a reasonable agreement was settled, rather than going to the media to defame I-Octane’s character.

“It’s like Capleton a try get St Mary people fi view the young artiste in a negative light,” he said.

Ray Alexander said that Capleton deliberately omitted some of the truth from his statement on the radio because he wanted I-Octane to look like the culprit.

“I-Octane performed at the show free on two occasions for Capleton and he is yet to mention that,” he said.

The manager also mentioned that I-Octane’s stage show is a free event, unlike Capleton’s event that collects from patrons, the businessman outlined that since revenue is being collected from the event, and if Capleton wants to pay the artistes he can do so.

“We believe in charity and we support charity, so it’s not like we are against giving back,” he said.

According to Alexander he is a businessman, and Capleton is acting in the capacity of a promoter, so business should be dealt with as such. “wi a Rasta and wi live Rasta, but this is also a business,” he said

The manager also demanded an apology from Capleton on the issue which he said was harmful to I-Octane’s image.

“I think he needs to apologise and speak both sides of the story, tell the people that I-Octane did two free shows for you, tell them about the negotiations,” he said.

He did not rule out the possibility of I-Octane making an appearance at the show. However, he maintained that a final decision would have go through the business process of negotiations.

Efforts to contact Capleton’s management team was unsuccessful as the phone calls went unanswered.

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