Rumours have been circulating over the Internet propagating allegations that the Alliance and Gully Side have been at odds since the Quad shooting incident. Allegations are that Alliance members blame Mavado for bringing Bounty Killer’s birthday party to a premature end.

Following the spread of the alleged rift, Mavado’s manager, Julian Jones-Griffith, attempted to clear the rumours via his Twitter page @AllianceJamaica.

According to Jones-Griffith, Alliance and Gully Side members are family and there is no rift between the two entities.

He further told THE STAR that Mavado has no grouse with the Alliance, and rubbished any rumour that suggested otherwise.

However, a song circulating over the Internet called Mash Up Everything, allegedly done by Gully Side member Chase Cross, tells a different story.

The artiste throws lyrical punches at the Alliance making mention of Bounty Killer’s party, and swearing allegiance to Gully Side.

In the song the artiste says “A nuh chat dem fi chat, tell dem fi touch wi, a talk bout wi mash up dem party,” supposedly hinting at Bounty Killers birthday party.

The song continued, “Yu ova desso with yu long mouth, betta watch the words wey come out yu long mouth, dem and dem freaky bossy, eye get red from the mansion wi start it …,”he said.

According to Jones-Griffith, the song was a mistake by the young artiste which was not intended to be released.

Griffith claims that the song was leaked by the studio engineer who is unknown. He also said that reasoning about the matter will bring a positive result.

THE STAR contacted Austin Kevin Green, the CEO of Payday music, rumoured to be the producer of the song.

According to Green, he has nothing to do with the song. “I would never produce a song like that, I am like the mediator of Gulliance, I’m the engineer and producer for both artistes. Bounty Killer started out all of us, I would be a mad man to do that,” he said.

According to the shocked producer, he would never do a song to disrespect any of his friends.

“Nobody expected this and the world is shocked, even people in Switzerland a call because they expect better from the Gulliance,” he said.

The Gulliance producer says that even if he was approached by Chase Cross to do the song, he would have declined because he interacts well with everybody.

Manager of the Alliance Next Generation, Cross Cris, told The STAR that he could not confirm that there is a rift, and since Bounty Killer and Mavado have not come public to say that there is such, nobody should perpetuate that claim. He also said there might have been discontent between persons but not a rift.

Chase Cross was unavailable for comment, however, his manager, David Hunter, told The STAR that Chase Cross was just expressing his feelings in response to the negative comments that were being made by members of the Alliance after his friend’s death.

Mavado and Bounty Killer are yet to make any public comment on the matter.

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