The police in Montego Bay, St James, now have a man in custody who they say attempted yesterday to bribe the complainants in an alleged assault case against singjay Mavado.

Police sources told THE STAR that they received information the complainants were contacted and an offer was allegedly made to pay them $500,000. The money would be given in exchange for the complainant not taking the assault case to court. The police are reported to have arranged an undercover operation.

Reports are that the arrested man is a popular promoter in Montego Bay, and has ties with the artiste.

The complainants are alleged to have met with him at the Fairview Shopping Centre in Bogue, Montego Bay, yesterday. The accused is reported to have arrived in a white BMW but refused to make the exchange at the shopping centre and asked a taxi driver to carry him and the complainants to an undisclosed location. The taxi man involved was said to be an undercover police officer and the promoter was taken into custody.

The BMW, a firearm and the $500,000 were all taken into police custody. The police are conducting further investigations into the matter.

no comment

When contacted yesterday no comment was given from a representative from Mavado’s camp.

As previously reported in The STAR, a report was recently filed against Mavado and a member of his entourage at the Anchovy Police Station in St James. The police reported that on Friday about 7 p.m., the 51-year-old complainant and his 17-year-old son were travelling along Belmont Road, St James, when they came upon a group of vehicles travelling in a procession. It is alleged that the complainant stopped at a section of the roadway to allow the procession to pass. After letting through a number of vehicles, an argument developed between the complainant and Mavado.

It is understood that the argument developed after the deejay told the complainant that his vehicle could not pass. Reports are that Mavado then used his vehicle to hit the complainant’s vehicle causing damages to the front door and injuries to his hand. Following this, a member of the deejay’s entourage allegedly alighted from another vehicle and used a machete to slap the complainant’s son on his mouth.

The Anchovy police confirmed the incident and are seeking the deejay. Mavado, however, has not reported to the Anchovy police.

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